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Lanzarote vacation villas for rent

Lanzarote vacation villas for rent

After seeing tourism activity paralyzed by the pandemic, Spain is gradually receiving more and more tourists. to travelers from all over the world who are looking for a break in the paradisiacal views of our islands.
With the reactivation of tourism, the demand for vacation villas, one of the most important great opportunity to encourage you to rent out your vacation villa and make some extra money when you don’t have it. you occupy you, a very profitable business implemented by thousands of people in the country.
However, with the idea of renting out your vacation villa , there are logical doubts in ownership, the legality of renting, and how to promote and encourage the conservation of the housing in the hands of tourists.
Read on, we will tell you everything you need to know when renting your vacation villa.

Lanzarote vacation villas for rent
Lanzarote vacation villas for rent.

Canary Islands vacation villa rental

The Canary Islands is one of the favorite destinations for tourists who visit Spain every year, looking for to get lost in its beaches with crystalline waters and idyllic landscapes. Renting villas in this type of sites is a very profitable and convenient investment to take advantage of your villa when you are not using it, especially because of the large influx of visitors most of the year.
If you want to rent your vacation villa in the Canary Islands, you can be sure that it will be a good decision. beneficial.

Holiday villa rental in Lanzarote

Lanzarote is the ideal destination to have a beach residence, either as a second home or as an investment. vacation destination, and while there are many people who can afford to leave the house unoccupied, there are many people who can afford to leave the house unoccupied. for long periods of time, many people take advantage of this to make an economic benefit and maintain their occupied housing.
The three most important areas for vacation villa rental tourism are Puerto del Carmen, Playa Blanca and Costa Teguise, which makes this island a perfect place to enjoy your holidays. moments of rest while vacationing and make an economic profit.
In we have the best service in management of your vacation rentals in Lanzarote to get the best benefits your vacation villa.

How to rent my vacation villa

When it comes to renting your vacation villa, there are certain issues that you should keep in mind. and at Alohey we have everything you need to know before embarking on this journey. project.

Type of lease

First of all, you should know that there are two ways of declaring the money you get from your rental income vacation: second homes and tourist accommodations.
A second home rental is typical of apartments that you rent for a few weeks or during the holiday season. while a tourist accommodation corresponds to an economic activity so that you can enjoy your vacation. The housing is destined to vacation activities.

Autonomous communities and their competence

In Spain there is no general legislation, so each Autonomous Community can set the guidelines. to consider that apartments to be rented for tourist purposes must comply with the following requirements in order to operate legally.
There are, on the one hand, Autonomous Communities with their own legislation to regulate rentals with tourist purposes, as is the case with the coastal areas, Barcelona and Madrid, and on the other hand, with the areas of the governed by the Urban Leasing Law.
However, the common requirements are the cédula de habitabilidad (certificate of occupancy) and the dwelling. fully furnished and with all the amenities for the tenants and an emergency contact The property is equipped for any needs that the tenants may have.

Notifications to public agencies

If you are looking to rent your vacation villa in Lanzarote, ask for our services at We are specialists in advising and management of vacation rentals with a leading platform for tourist rentals.
Consult today and manage your villa rental in the Canary Islands and Lanzarote with real specialists. We know very well what we do!

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From 229 € For 4 people /night
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From 95 € For 3 people /night