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New Law on Tourist Housing in the Canary Islands: Sustainable Management of the Tourist Use of Housing

New Law on Tourist Housing in the Canary Islands Sustainable Management of Tourist Housing Use

Currently, there are 47,000 homes and 197,000 beds in vacation accommodations. Find out how the Law of Sustainable Management of the Tourist Use of Dwellings will impact the rental of holiday homes in Lanzarote.

In the heart of the Canary Islands, Lanzarote has become a dream tourist destination, attracting visitors from all over the world with its paradisiacal beaches and unique landscapes. In this context, the government of the Canary Islands has introduced new legislation that seeks to regulate the tourist use of dwellings: the Law for the Sustainable Management of the Tourist Use of Dwellings. In this article, we will explore the details of this new regulation, its impact on vacation home owners and how it will affect the island’s tourism landscape.

Objective of the New Law:

The main objective of the Law for the Sustainable Management of the Tourist Use of Housing is to establish a regulatory framework that guarantees sustainability and balance in the tourist housing sector in the Canary Islands. With the ever-increasing demand for vacation rentals, the legislation seeks to protect both local residents and visitors, ensuring harmonious and sustainable tourism development.

How Will the New Law Affect Vacation Home Owners?

The new legislation brings with it a number of significant changes for those who own properties destined for tourist rental in Lanzarote. The following is a breakdown of the most relevant aspects:

1. Environmental Sustainability Requirements: The Law for the Sustainable Management of the Tourist Use of Housing will establish stricter requirements in terms of environmental sustainability. Homeowners will be required to adapt their homes to meet certain eco-friendly standards, encouraging environmentally friendly practices.

2. Limitation on the Number of Vacancies: The regulation also introduces limits on the number of vacancies available in tourist dwellings. This change seeks to avoid tourist saturation and guarantee a quality experience for both visitors and the local community.

Increased Control and Oversight: The new law implies increased supervision and oversight by the authorities. Owners will be required to comply with regular inspections to ensure compliance with regulations, thus contributing to a safer and more regulated tourism environment.

4. Promotion of Sustainable Tourism: The legislation will promote sustainable tourism, encouraging practices that respect local culture, promote employment in the community and minimize environmental impact. This will open up new opportunities for those owners who align themselves with the principles of sustainable development.


The Law for the Sustainable Management of the Tourist Use of Dwellings marks an important milestone in the regulation of the vacation rental sector in the Canary Islands. While it introduces additional challenges for owners, it also opens the door to more conscious and sustainable tourism. Adapting to these changes will not only ensure compliance with regulations, but will also position Lanzarote as an exemplary tourist destination in terms of balance between development and preservation. At, we will be attentive to every development, providing our owners with the necessary guidance to thrive in this new regulatory context. Discover how sustainability can be the key to success in the exciting world of holiday homes in Lanzarote!

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