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Rent your property in Lanzarote

21 de April de 2015 by aloheyesad



Welcome to, your expert partner for vacation rentals in Lanzarote.

At, we specialize in transforming your Lanzarote property into a successful vacation rental option. We understand the unique potential of each home and work with you to maximize your revenue and ensure total guest satisfaction. If you own a house, apartment or villa in Lanzarote and you want to make the most of it by offering it as a vacation rental, you have come to the perfect place.

Why choose for your vacation rental in Lanzarote?

Local Experience

Our knowledge of the Lanzarote market allows us to optimally position your property, ensuring visibility and attractiveness to travelers looking for an unforgettable experience on the island.

Integral Management

From the creation of your ad with professional photographs to the management of reservations and 24/7 customer service, we take care of everything so you don't have to worry about anything.

Revenue Maximization

We constantly analyze the market to optimize the prices of your vacation rental, ensuring that you get the maximum possible return.

Customized Services

We understand that each owner and property is unique. We offer customized services to meet your specific needs and those of your property, guaranteeing a vacation rental management that exceeds your expectations.

Advantages of Alohey Ownership

Get on-demand access to financial statements, monthly summaries, available dates, etc.

We use an ICAL connection with all the platforms we use, so all bookings are connected and displayed at the time they are made.

Get all the information about your property, reservations, income, etc.

Start making your property in Lanzarote profitable today.

Turn your Lanzarote property into a source of income and delight travelers from all over the world with the help of Contact us to find out how we can help you succeed in the world of vacation rentals. Your next hosting adventure starts here!

How do we make it possible?

Rent a vacation home in Lanzarote

He has just bought a property in Lanzarote that he would like to rent out to tourists with the aim of generating passive income and obtain a high return on investmentbut gets lost in the jungle of paperwork with local authorities, preparing your home for guests and organizing all the details that you may not even be aware of.

This is where Alohey comes inWe are a team that takes care of absolutely every little detail to launch your property to the vacation rental market, maximize profits, guest services, optimize your performanceWe offer comprehensive services that allow you to enjoy a carefree passive income, provide an exceptional experience and, in general, make you a bestseller. We are the property management company in Lanzarote whose mission is to generate…

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